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As the construction knows, our mission, vision, quality policies, references, business discipline and customer satisfaction are taken into consideration, you will not give up the trust, dedication and comfort of working with us.


Bilir Construction is always ready to response the clients’ needs in the right time, Our quality policy is based on providing improvement opportunities for our working team, We are aware of the importance of team working in all projects, We conduct our projects within the legal frameworks so as to inspire confidence, We know that the most honest the company is the most efficient it is, Bilir Company can draw a sample for the new comers in terms of its scientific, wellestablished and prestigious work ethic.


To serve in high quality and in time, To improve the decision-making structure, To be able to answer the clients’ expectations by combining the present experience with current scientific knowledge, To provide sustainability and development at the end of the projects.


To serve free of problems in a cheaper way,
To be one of the leading companies both in the national and global level,
To be able to sustain and develop our projects in future,
To be one of the leading global companies and be able to introduce our work principles throughout the world..

Ongoing Projects

2 of the projects we have already started and maintained. To see our other Refarans, go to the References menu.


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